Skin Tag treatment: You can remove those annoying skin tags with electrocautery. Skin tags are commonly found on the face, neck and chest of other areas that are rubbed a lot, such as the bra line or inner thighs. We offer a mild electrocautery treatment and we do all that we can to ensure your maximum comfort during the procedure. Electrocautery is a simple procedure that leaves the normal skin unharmed. Topical anesthetic is used to numb the treatment area and treatment time varies depending on how many skin tags there are. The skin tag is replaced with a small scab and your skin returns to normal in 1 week. We have the expertise to ensure treatment is gentle, safe and as comfortable as possible.

Wart treatment: Remove those annoying warts with minimal discomfort and no scarring. Wart treatment consists of destroying the wart with electrocautery or CryoProbe. Wart treatment is a quick procedure requiring no special preparation or downtime.

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