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Botox Neck Band

What are Neck Bands, and why do some people have them more prominent than others?

Neck bands are caused by platysma muscle contractions, the most superficial muscle layer in the face and neck. While neck bands can occur for a variety of reasons, they generally become more apparent as a natural part of aging; genetics and lifestyle can play a role as well. Genetics has a saying in the appearance of neck bands, as they become visible sooner in people with thin skin. Other lifestyle factors, like dramatic weight loss, may accelerate the appearance of platysmal bands as the body suddenly loses its fat deposits, including the ones that kept the vertical neck bands hidden. 

Can Botox be used for neck bands and to tighten the neck?

YES! Botox injections can be used to relax over-prominent neck bands to obtain a smoother, more youthful neck appearance. Botox injections relax the platysma muscle, reducing the appearance of vertical bands and contributing to skin tightening.

How many units of Botox are needed for neck bands?

The amount can vary depending on the patient’s anatomy. In general, 40-100 total units of botulinum toxin are used for effective treatment.

How long does Botox in neck bands last?

When injected into the vertical bands of the neck, Botox can relax the dynamic muscles, making them less prominent and resulting in a smoother, younger-looking neck. The results can generally last 3-4 months. The procedure, as with any Botox treatment, can be repeated when the results wear off.

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