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Trap Tox

The trapezius muscle is a large superficial back muscle that begins at the base of your head and extends down your neck, to the middle of your back, and all the way to your shoulders. It resembles a trapezoid. Overworked trapezius or ‘Traps’ muscles can become tight and stiff. This results in neck, shoulders, and upper back tension, causing discomfort. Along with poor posture and pain, visually, this creates bulkier shoulders and a wider, shorter neck.

Neurotoxin injections into the trigger points of the trapezius muscle are a quick and easy way to relax these muscles and help alleviate this pain. Relieving tension and discomfort in these tight muscles can help reduce the development of headaches and pain and even aesthetically give the shoulders a slimming appearance and an elongated appearance of the neck.

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