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Wound Healing

Wound healing is the natural physiological reaction to tissue injury. It is the normal biological process in which the human body achieves through four precisely and highly programmed phases: hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling. If interference with one or more of these phases of the process happens, due to many different factors, improper or impaired wound healing occurs. It involves a complex interplay between numerous cell types, cytokines, mediators, and the vascular system.

Hemostasis: The first phase of healing happens within seconds or minutes of getting a wound. The body focuses on stopping the bleeding first and preparing for the second phase of healing.

Inflammation: Is the second phase of wound healing. It starts to form a blood clot or scab. Scabs create a barrier to keep bacteria and germs out of the wound.

Proliferation: Phase three of wound healing or rebuild mode. The body sends oxygen-rich blood cells and collagen to help form new skin. This stage may look red and raised. Maturation: The final phase in wound healing. During this stage, the body strengthens the area, softens scars, flattens, and fades. Maturation time varies due to the severity of the wound.

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