What is Nefertiti Neck Lift?

Nefertiti Neck Lift is a non-surgical neck lift using Botox Cosmetic. Botox relaxes the neck muscle bands (Platysma) to release and allow the upper facial muscles to pull upwards without resistance, thus making the jawline appear tighter and sharper. It can help reverse the signs of aging by defining your face, jaw, and neck.

How does it work?

Nefertiti Neck Lift is performed by injecting Botox into the platysma muscle along the jawline and upper neck. Results take effect within a few days up to two weeks post-treatment and typically last 3-4 months (usual Botox injections duration). Follow-up Botox injections are required every 3-4 months to maintain these results. There is no downtime to this procedure. Only avoid exercising for 24 hours after your treatment, and avoid massaging the treatment area.

Can Nefertiti Neck Lift be combined with other treatments?

Nefertiti Neck Lift can be combined with other treatments like Chin Augmentation, Jawline Enhancement, and Kybella (submental fat-double chin).

Am I a good candidate?

Nefertiti Neck Lift is not for every patient. Best candidates with minimal skin laxity in their neck and jawline and lack significant neck fullness will have the most effective results. For other candidates, combination treatments may be required to achieve the Nefertiti look.

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